Course curriculum

    1. Lesson1: Disclaimers & Legal

    2. Lesson 2: Amazing Mushrooms!

    3. Lesson 3: Grow Teks, Overview of Different Types

    4. Lesson 4: Expenses & References

    5. Quiz, Chapter 1

    6. Curiosity Query - Amazing Mushrooms

    1. Lesson 1: Spore Syringe Inoculation

    2. How-to: Prep Inoculation Area

    3. How-to: Spore Syringe Inoculation

    4. How-to: Spore Syringe Insights

    5. Lesson 2: Colonization

    6. How to: Colonization, Spawn Bag Mixing

    7. Lesson 3: Consolidation

    8. How-to: Build a Grow Chamber

    9. How-to: Transfer Grain Spawn

    10. Lesson 4: Fruiting & Harvesting

    11. Lesson 5: Contaminant Management

    12. Quiz, Chapter 2

    1. Lesson 1: Inoculation Methods

    2. How-to: Still Air Box Introduction

    3. Lesson 2: Making Grain Spawn

    4. How to: Making Spawn, Lids & Liquid Culture Tips

    5. Lesson 3: Making Substrate Blends

    6. How to: Make Substrate Blend

    7. Quiz, Chapter 3

    1. Cultivation Debatables & Conclusion

    2. Mushroom Cultivation Manual

    3. Curiosity Query - The Plant Medicine Path

    4. Mushroom Cultivation Process Checklist


About this course

  • $85.00
  • 31 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Learn simple home cultivation methods. How to demonstration videos. All the know-how, step-by-step, and resources to get you on this path.


Frank Horath

Frank has instructed hundreds of students on how to cultivate transformational mushrooms. He deeply enjoys stewarding fungi/plant medicine "evangelists". He also coaches individuals on both cultivation and personal shift coaching. Frank is a certified Being True to You Addiction Recovery and Psycho-Spiritual Integration coach. Frank teaches intentional transformational mushroom cultivation classes. He also collaborates and teaches wellness & healing coaches from various disciplines. Frank’s calling to serve others with the plant medicines began years ago when he worked with a close family friend introducing him to the plant medicine path to, help free him from the shackles of alcohol.

Bonus Course Materials

Simple, but too the point. We want you to succeed. Many home growers get a "C or D" grade on their first grow. We want to help you get up into "A & B" land!

  • PDF Mushroom Cultivation Manual, 17 pages

    This PDF manual is a step by step guide that parallels the content presented in this course. It is essentially your "cookbook" on how to successfully grown transformational mushrooms in your own home.

  • On-going Access to Updates & Upgrades

    We provide key updates continually to this class. Updating learning & how-to material, vendor resources, and external education resources.

  • Vendor References & Key Learning Resources

    A big part of successful growing is to know reliable sources for supplies and materials. We include several key references for vendors and learning resources for you in this class

Social proof: testimonials

“Frank has been both my personal/character mentor and has helped me succeed in my business life as well. He is a fountain of ideas and creativity. He helps me solve a lot of problems and is connected to so many useful resources. He has worked with me with the Enneagram model which has helped guide me toward my true work calling. If you are accountable and do the homework, Frank will stick with you, and he will have your back." – Laura C”

Laura C

“The Trifecta transformational mushroom grow kits are amazing! Simple, user-friendly, and work well in our location/environment. We see the Trifecta workshop programs as a core offering for our followers. The intention-based aspect of the Trifecta kit and offerings make their product and service truly unique in the plant medicine wellness space. These offerings are so important as our humanity shifts in the direction of reconnecting & healing."”

Christina S

“Trifecta trained me directly on the transformational grow kits with custom one-on-one collaboration sessions. I had no idea this process would be so straightforward and user-friendly. Having the well thought out kits, with simple step-by-step guidance during the most important couple phases made the overall process seamless. I continually inform our followers and clients about the Trifecta intention-based grow kit process." –”

Luke G, Counselor & Wellness/Fitness Guide

“Chief Frank is a solid man & brother. We have done intentional & transformational wellness work together on many occasions. Chief has so much life experience that he is willing to share. He can help me answer most of my questions, but when he doesn’t have the answers or resources, he is wise enough to connect you with the right people or organizations. I am working through some life & vocation transitions, and I am honored to have the chief by my side as I find my way" ”

Austin F, Breath worker/Guide & Nurse

“I had been battling an alcohol addiction for nearly 30 years and had tried nearly everything to overcome it. Frank showed me to the plant medicine path. I attended a very challenging retreat weekend and confronted my inner shadow side. For nearly 3 years now Frank has been at my side when I’ve needed him. From his helping me set intention for my recovery and our ongoing integration meetings I am clean and have become much more grounded in my family & work relationships." ”

Bill R

“A friend of my wife referred Frank to me. I was battling some deeper anxiety in the workplace and from some past "old stories". Frank's and his personal shift coaching helped me break my rumination loop. He also coached me on mushroom cultivation. This work has become a fascinating new intentional hobby of mine thanks to Frank!”

Dave D

You've heard about the mushroom wellness path recently? And, your the curious type and you seek a simple approach. You like to know where your food and medicine comes from. You enjoy and appreciate doing things yourself. Perhaps you seek someone to help you along this path of navigating the cutlivation maze. There's a good chance you've landed in the right place . .

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